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81X Rooftop Chain

The 81x rooftop chain has a unique side-splitting function. This smooth roof style will help protect the handled wood from scratches and dents while reducing unnecessary dust accumulation in the chain mechanism. Cold forged solid rollers and solid bushings can significantly prolong the life of the chain. Specially selected alloy steel and computer-monitored heat treatment process ensure high strength and durability.

The 81x rooftop chain is made of high-quality, durable steel, which can withstand heavy impact loads and operate in harsh environments. This chain is used in many conveyor applications and transfer applications.

81X Rooftop Roller Chain Dimensions

Pitch (P) Roller Width (W) Roller Diameter (R) Pin Diameter (D) Pin Length (L1) Pin Length (L2) Plate Height (H) Plate Thickness (T) Roof Width (M) Roof Height (RH) Tensile Strength Weight Per Foot
2.609″ 1.063″ 0.905″ 0.437″ 0.945″ 1.118″ 1.125″ 0.154″ 2.500″ 1.000″ 30,000 LBS 3.68 LBS

The rooftop transfer chain is used chiefly in 2 or more stands on transfer conveyors handling lumber, boxes, packages, barrels, bars, etc. Only the bevel tops of the links project about the guides, permitting loading and unloading to be done transversely.

Other Rooftop Chains

chain No. Pitch in inches

Dimensions in Decimal Inches

A C Db Dp E E1 F F1
C55A 1.631 2.000 1.000 0.72 0.375 0.69 1.19 0.75 0.75
C55B 1.631 2.000 1.000 0.72 0.375 0.69 1.19 0.75 0.75
C55D 1.631 2.000 1.000 0.72 0.375 0.69 1.19 0.75 0.88


Moline Chain No. Pitch in Inches Links Per
10 Feet
Weight Per Foot Lbs. Average Ultimate Strength Load Lbs. Recommended Maximum Working Load Lbs.
C55A 1.631 74 3.2 11700 1400
C55B 1.631 41 3.2 11700 1400
C55D 1.631 71 3.2 11700 1400

Chain No. Pitch in inches

Dimensions in Decimal Inches

Ar Br C Db Dp E E1 F
H78A 2.609 3.25 1.62 1.56 0.88 0.500 1.12 1.88 1.00
H78B 2.609 3.25 1.62 1.56 0.88 0.500 1.12 1.88 1.00
H130 4.000 3.25 1.63 1.63 1.00 0.500 1.00 1.62 1.06
H131 4.000 4.00 2.06 1.94 1.25 0.625 1.62 2.50 1.56
H138 4.000 3.25 1.62 1.62 1.00 0.500 1.00 1.62 1.06

81x sprocket matched with 81x chain; if you need a matching sprocket, please click here

Related Sprockets and Chains

Sprockets fit our entire conveyor chain range.

The drive chain and the conveying chain are driven by sprockets. The uniform distribution of power depends on the precise transmission between the sprocket teeth and the chain rollers or bushes.

Because sprockets significantly impact the chain’s life, all challenging sprockets (from casting to precision mechanical cutting) are manufactured according to strict tolerances and quality control. We also recommend that all customers replace the sprocket when replacing the chain to maximize the chain life.

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    A: Right. You, your representative, or any designated third-party inspector may enter our factory for inspection.

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